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      歡迎光臨易晶冷藏設備廠   CH

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      Contact:Mr. Mei (0)13861290677
      24 hours service hotline:400-859-0677
      Phone:86-0519-88522372 88794498
      Postal Code:213104
      Address:Huang Qi Lu Luodong industrial zone of Wujin District in Jiangsu Province, Changzhou City No. 8

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      Changzhou yijing lengcang shebei co.,ltd is the production of a variety of fabricated cold storage of professional manufacturers, is widely used in the industrial, trade, food, aquatic products, animal husbandry, medicine, tourism, railways, troops, hotels, restaurants, food processing and other industries. The production of PU (polyurethane sandwich) insulation board and PS (polystyrene) insulation board, from the shear plate, folded plate, pressure bar, stereotypes are imported professional equipment, with imports of foaming machine foam pressure foaming, one-stop complete process, thus improving the quality of base plate. Base plate with color steel plate, composite plastic plate, stainless steel plate, embossed aluminum etc. various surface, beautiful and strong, anti-corrosion durability. And according to the requirements of users can customize various specifications size refrigeratory, manual sliding doors, electric sliding door, return to the door, free door, half buried gate to provide various types of special hardware lock door. 
          Changzhou yijing lengcang shebei co.,ltd as a refrigerator manufacturing company, with a good reputation and very fruitful results, many famous enterprises at home and abroad to win the trust. Is a large number of spot supply refrigeration equipment and cold storage installation of professional refrigeration engineering company. Agents of international brands of refrigeration equipment and accessories of numerous, can meet various from five tons thousands of cold storage needs. From the hotel, hotel, restaurant and various food production plants, meat dish processing factory, dairy factory, beverage factory, pharmaceutical factory, vegetable processing factory, quick frozen food factory, farmers market, the cold drink and meat products wholesale company, has Yi Jing company brilliant performance and good engineering project. Easy crystal cold professional production company for meat processing type cold storage for the deeper understanding of. The company to undertake the processing of hundreds of meat food factory, plant all types of cold storage, such as: freezer, preservation of agricultural products, cold storage, cold storage after the patch type library, material library, pickled, processing workshop, finished product warehouse and storage etc.. The company regards quality as the fundamental, depending on the integrity of life, with strong market competition consciousness and enterprising spirit, and constantly open up the market. At the same time, we try to make every detail place oneself in others'position for the sake of customers, let customers without any menace from the 'rear'.