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      The important influence and function of cold storage in modern agriculture?

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      The important influence and effect of combined or cold storage construction in modern agriculture?

      Global warming, more and more high temperatures, especially this year, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and other provinces of severe drought, Dongting Lake, Pan Lake water level is the lowest water level for hundreds of years, crop water shortage is serious, even fruits and vegetables can be a part of the harvest, such high temperatures without combined type cold storage, cold storage construction to ensure the agricultural the freshness of the product, that is to say the agricultural products from the field back will not buy a good price, who would buy Leather Zou Zou, not fresh produce? Let's not farmer brother Tim frost on snow? This will get back, let's farmer brother what to look forward, it will hit the farmer brother vegetables confidence.

      So, to build combined or cold storage construction is the important way to raise fresh produce, combined type cold storage, cold storage construction cost, although many, but can take the cooperative way together, uniting to take fire. Have a combined refrigerator or cold storage construction can agricultural planting scale, and worry about the short time modification, can also be mass storage, without worrying about the sale, is an important means to increase farmers' income, but also can alleviate the agricultural product prices, prevent certain buyers live Qi Tun, drive up prices, price stability is important for the whole role, to ease inflationary pressures, so prices return to normal.