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      The fault reasons of refrigerator compressor suddenly shut down in the operation

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      A, high discharge pressure caused by the shutdown
      1, the condenser cooling effect is poor
      Failure analysis of
      [] (1) using air-cooled condenser cold storage
      A, not   fan;   B, fan motor damage     C, fan reverse     D, the ambient temperature is high (above 40 degrees)
      F, condenser heat sink is oil dust blocked air circulation.
      (2) using water cooled condenser cold storage
      A, cooling water valve open or open too small, inlet low pressure           B, water regulating valve failure    
      C, a condenser tube wall thickness scale nodes is
      [method] the judgment of
      Air cooled type: with the hand feel the wind out;
      Water cooling type: water temperature logging.
      [method] the exclusion of
      Air cooled type: remove the dust on surface with a wire brush;
      Water cooling type: check the cooling water, scale removal.
      2, the system is filled with too much refrigerant
      Fault analysis [] too much refrigerant resulted in a significant increase in exhaust pressure, more than the normal value.
      [method] the exclusion of downtime, in high-pressure exhaust hole will excess refrigerant excluded outside the system.
      3, the system has the residual air
      [] fault analysis system with air circulation, can appear the exhaust pressure is too high, the high exhaust temperature, exhaust pipe hot, refrigeration effect is bad, the compressor
      Shortly after the operation, the exhaust pressure exceeds the normal value, the forced pressure relay operation.
      [method] the exclusion of downtime, in Chufang air exhaust valve hole.
      two, low suction pressure caused by the Fault analysis [] when the suction pressure is lower than the pressure in the system of relay setting value, the contact action and cut off the power supply.
      [Methods] check reason to exclude and excluded: A, leakage of refrigerant     B, system has blocked
      Three, electrical aspects caused by fault shutdown
      1, the temperature controller control
      Fault analysis [] thermostat regulating failure or improper installation of the temperature sensing bag.
      [Methods] exclude remove thermostat overhaul its contacts, adjustment, adjust the temperature package location.
      2, motor overload
      [] a fault analysis, when in use, library put in excessive, excessive food; B, the power supply is not normal.
      [method] the exclusion heat load reduction, pay attention to the change of the power supply voltage.
      All of a sudden shutdown caused by four, other causes of
      1, the improper operation of
      [] in the use of fault analysis and repair process, often need to open, close the suction, exhaust, liquid storage device such as a valve, sometimes inadvertently will not cut
      Check valve open, causing the exhaust pressure poly L.
      [Methods] exclude stop immediately, to prevent the occurrence of danger.
      2, the normal shutdown: when the internal temperature reaches the set value, the automatic shutdown temperature controller.