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      How to deal with the cold storage refrigeration system jam fault

      發布時間:2015-01-24 08:23:12 來源:本站 點擊數:0
      Cold storage refrigeration equipment in use process, difficult to buy a failure of ice blockage of gambling, refrigeration system, how to solve the refrigeration system blocking?
      replace the dryer or a dry filter, this approach applies with mild ice blockage.
      for large unit, the original demolition dryer system, temporarily installed a large drying to moisture.
      for vacuum system, water at low pressure and vaporization, then north vacuum pump out system. But the effect of this method is not too obvious, especially the water too much. The practice proved that, once the memory of water system, and then the vacuum pump to the system to the complete vaporization removal system, it is very difficult. Should be to the whole system or parts of heating and drying, the drying side vacuum pumping, water can be completely removed, but is difficult to operate.
      for cold dirty block fault generally uses the method of cleaning or replacing the filtering net exclusion. If one cannot be excluded, for many times, until the dirty block are excluded.