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      The use of cold storage preservation matters needing attention

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      A cold storage, temperature   used fresh technology, good control of the cold storage temperature is the key. As a short-term storage of vegetable products, generally in cold storage temperature should be controlled at 2~4 DEG C can be susceptible to chilling injury, for vegetables (such as balsam pear, cucumber) can be placed in cold storage in 5~7 DEG C, or take stamp quilts and other heat preservation measures, prevent the vegetables cold. Garlic sprouts, broccoli and other aging vegetables should be kept at about 0 DEG C library. In order to ensure the quality of finished dishes, avoid drastic temperature changes, respiratory metabolism enhanced, vegetable dressing and covered with plastic film should be performed at 2 to 5 DEG C.
      two, humidity   in order to ensure the freshness of vegetables, reduce the wilting humidity, storage and processing during the general control in 80% ~ 95%. And in the storage process, according to the storage amount and reservoir temperature, pay attention to ventilation.
      three, proper airing     mushrooms, onions, ginger and other surface moisture larger varieties, the former must appropriate drying, reduce its covered in the vegetables on the surface of the water, extend the storage period.
      four, to prevent the stack pressure     into the library vegetables should be neatly on the shelf, or playing stacking in the library, to prevent excessive pressure caused by pile palletizing mechanical damage or duo internal heating on vegetables, leading to decline in the quality of vegetables.
      vegetable fresh-keeping refrigerator and can be widely used in: food factory, pharmaceutical factory, chemical plants, fruits and vegetables, eggs, warehouse warehouse, supermarket, hospital, hotel, guesthouse, blood, troops, laboratory.
      vegetables cold storage preservation is using the method of artificial refrigeration makes fixed space to reach the required temperature for storage of goods of buildings, mainly used as a constant temperature storage of food, dairy products, meat, poultry, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, drink, flowers, plants, tea, medicine, chemical raw materials, electronic instrument etc..