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      To enhance the quality of cold storage installation the matters needing attention

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      In fact, the formation of different methods and installation materials, are directly affected the installation key, cold storage engineering smoothly so, each cold storage installation personnel must pay attention and attention to cold, smooth in later application of the effective guarantee, in the following we understand together. Cold storage in
      1, the traditional installation design in general about 5m, but in the practical application, especially in cold storage without shelf layer installed utilization rate of less than 50%, such as goods stacking height once reached 3.2m, for carton packing for food, because the stress deformation, moisture absorption and other reasons prone to breakage of packing, collapse, leading to lower food quality, causing great economic loss. The selected
      2, cooling mode. The imported or domestic new combinatorial libraries using forced circulation of the majority but from the goods to consider the impact of the warehouse, cooling methods are generally natural convection cooling and forced circulation in two ways to choose more natural convection. This stage or by natural convection conservative justified because the current domestic refrigerator storage of goods of poor quality, packaging, and naked goods accounted for a large proportion, if the use of forced circulation cooling, heavier dry consumption goods. Two is the natural convection cooling adopts smashing row tube type, tube row of liquid storage amount is larger in this way, a storage Ling ability strong, can prevent frequent starting, can better use of our cold storage installation policy, starting each price, saving electricity costs. Design is not standardized hidden safety problems in
      3, part of the cold storage installation. Many domestic refrigerator belongs to undocumented design, installation, the lack of uniform standards, the lack of special equipment safety technical archives of the universal phenomenon. Operating personnel without professional training, undocumented appointment, management personnel safety consciousness. Partial volume more than 500m3 with ammonia as refrigerant civil food storage, the library site selection, foundation treatment, refrigeration equipment installation and other serious does not comply with the "code for design of cold storage installation" (GB50072-2001) requirements, there are many safe hidden trouble. Many cold called gas conditioning storage but not up to the gas adjustment purpose, part of a cryogenic library built according to disable or face only high temperature library downgraded situation.
      as long as strict compliance with cold storage installation process, it can effectively promote the smooth operation of the cold storage, therefore, for the above related to introduce for everybody to and pointed out, hope can cause each homework personnel's attention and attention, and thus to more effectively ensure the smooth application of cold storage in the late.